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March 4, 2010

I recently attend the SASFAA conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was a great conference that had timely sessions and informed speakers.   I must add that it also had amazing food.  Which is very important to me.  I was even introduced to “rum balls” which became an addiction to me and is the reason I will be having to run for an extra hour today.  (Also, I think this was the first conference I have ever been to that had home baked treats…I encourage this trend)  In my job, I have the opportunity to travel around the United States and attend a lot of conferences.  I think these conferences highlight how committed we all are to helping students achieve their educational goals.  SASFAA was no exception and when I think of SASFAA and the folks that make up this southern association, the word “hospitality” always comes to mind.  The students that attend the schools in SASFAA are lucky indeed.

At SASFAA , I was part of two sessions where Jim McMahon from FSA and a representative from each servicer was present. Schools had some very good questions for us.   This is a new environment for all us.  There are so many changes for the school community (year-round Pell, Perkins, etc).  Nelnet would like you to know that we are available to speak at your state and regional conferences.  We want to hear from you and listen to your ideas.  That’s our job.  So, please feel free to shoot me an email at , if we can help in any way.

I am excited about this blog that we will be updating regularly.  We will be answering common questions we hear at school meetings and conferences.  We will be talking about our new default prevention measures and other initiatives we have in the hopper.  We will even be posting interviews from other schools folks around the country so we can all learn from each others best practices.

Again, thank you to the fine people of SASFAA for a great conference.

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