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Faces of Nelnet: Lou Murray, Nelnet Partner Solutions

May 22, 2010

Jim: What area do you cover for Nelnet?

Lou: I work in the Southwestern region of the country. I primarily cover Texas and New Mexico.

Jim: Where do you live?

Lou: Houston, Texas

Jim: How many years have you worked in the financial aid industry?

Lou:  14 years—I began working for LoanSTAR in 2002. LoanSTAR was acquired by Nelnet in 2005.

Jim: What previous positions have you held?

Lou: Prior to LoanSTAR, I was a School Consultant for Texas Guaranteed (TG) and a Student Services Manager at First Educators Credit Union.

Jim: Are you a member of any financial aid industry associations?

Lou: I am currently a member of TASFAA, NMASFAA, and I am on the Sponsorship Committee for SWASFAA. In previous years, I was a member of ATLE and the Council for the Management of Educational Finance.

Jim: What is your educational background?

Lou: I received my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in business and consumer studies from the University of Houston.

Jim: Lou, tell me about your family.

Lou: I have a lovely wife, Nidia; two daughters, Alessandra Elise, six years old, and Aliana Evangeline, three; and a newborn son, Ian Seth.

Jim: What are some of your interests outside of work?

Lou: Outside of work, I enjoy football, music, and sketching.

Jim: Tell me one thing about you that many people may not know.

Lou: Growing up, I wanted to be an architect.  In college, I wanted to be a child therapist.  After college, I tried seminary.  Today, I am extremely passionate about my ministry—being a Daddy.

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