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Faces of Nelnet: Don Buehrer, Southwestern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

June 4, 2010

Don Buehrer, Southwestern Regional Director (TX, LA)

Jim: What area do you cover for Nelnet?

Don: I work in the Southwest region of the country covering Texas and Louisiana.

Jim: Where do you live?

Don: North Richland Hills, Texas.

Jim: How many years have you worked in the financial aid industry?

Don:  I have worked in the industry for 31 years; eight of those have been with Nelnet.

Jim: What previous positions have you held?

Don: Prior to joining Nelnet, I was Vice President of School Sales for Sallie Mae. I was also the Director of Financial Aid at Mount Mary College in Yankton, South Dakota.

Jim: Are you a member of any financial aid industry associations?

Don: I am a member of TASFAA, LASFAA, SWASFAA, and NASFAA. I am a former President of SDASFAA and a RMASFAA Hall of Fame inductee.

Jim: What is your education background?

Don: I have a Bachelor of Arts in education and business from Yankton College in South Dakota.

Jim: Don, tell me about your family.

Don: My wife is Melissa, and I have two children: Leslie and Mike. I also have three grandchildren: Emily, Sam, and Benjamin.

Jim: What are some of your interests outside of work?

Don: I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, sporting events, Yankees baseball, and Dallas Cowboys football.

Jim: Tell me one thing about you that many people may not know. In your case, more than one.

Don: I finished second at a poker tournament where the winner automatically qualified for the World Series of Poker. I performed a Stupid Pet Trick with my dog, Buster (now deceased), on the David Letterman Show. I caught Mickey Mantle’s 505th career home run at Yankee Stadium in 1967 (still have it), and I served as Mayor for the city of Yankton, South Dakota (1989-1991).

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