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Profiles in the Financial Aid Profession: Christina Gann Munguia, Stanford Graduate School of Business

June 25, 2010

Christina Gann Munguia

Jon Potter: What are you most proud of with your financial aid office?

Christina Gann Munguia: The intimate service provided to our student population. 

Jon: What has been the biggest challenge for your office over the past 12 months? 

Christina:  Title 10 Private Loan Disclosure requirement; 2. Transition to DL. 

Jon: Are there any primary or coming trends that you see in the financial aid office? 

Christina: A student will need to borrow more private loans in the future to cover cost of attendance. 

Jon: Do you have any tips for schools that are transitioning to Direct Lending (or what has been helpful to you as you have made the transition)? 

Christina: Attendance of webinar trainings provided by ED. 

Jon: Who within the financial aid community has been your mentor? 

Christina: Colleen MacDonald, EdFUND. 

Jon: Where do you think schools should focus their efforts with regard to default prevention strategies given the industry’s move to a 3-year CDR model? 

Christina: Continue to reach out to students when they’re in delinquency/default; that has been most effective.  2. In-person exit interviews for successful repayment. 

Jon: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Christina: A refrigerator. 

Jon: What do you like most about your job? 

Christina: Getting to know the students. 

Jon: What is your favorite book, movie or food? 

Christina: Love Actually (movie). 

Jon: Name one thing that many people do not know about you. 

Christina: I’m pregnant with my first child. 

Jon: What is your favorite television show? 

Christina: Glee

Jon Potter, Western Regional Director (CA)

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