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Faces of Nelnet: Lori Silverberg, Manager, Customer Interaction Center

September 2, 2010


Lori Silverberg, Manager, Nelnet's Customer Interaction Center


What are you most proud of within your department?      

Lori Silverberg: We have a very talented group of people within the Customer Interaction Center, and they have a high level of drive and passion to provide quality service to our customers.   

What has been your biggest work related challenge during the past 12 months?       

Lori: Keeping up with the growth in our company presents many challenges; however, staffing levels and space are things we continue to evaluate all the time.   

If a school were to ask what it is you do for Nelnet that impacts them, what would you say?   

Lori: I continually look at our operations to see how we can better serve our customers.  As a dedicated associate of this company, I continue to push and drive the vision and core values of our company so we can proudly serve all of our customers.   

What are the goals of your department?   


  • Provide quality, cost-effective service to borrowers in every stage of their loans.
  • Maximize portfolio volume by efficiently managing the collection process.
  • Identify and deliver on new revenue opportunities.
  • Provide an environment in which our associates can succeed.

If you could be anywhere in the universe for New Year’s Eve, where would you be?   

Lori: Not sure since I haven’t traveled many places.  I have always thought it would be fun to be in Paris ringing in the New Year.   

What is your favorite movie snack?   

Lori: Gummy Bears.   

Name one thing that many people do not know about you.   

Lori: I have a strong interest in criminal justice and law.   

Interviewed by Dawn Knight, Western Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions   

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