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Nelnet Promotes Financial Literacy by Partnering with Financial Aid Offices

February 3, 2011

 On the NASFAA Town Hall meeting this Tuesday, I mentioned that we are partnering with schools to promote Financial Literacy to students.  Dana Kelly has provided us some more specifics on this initiative. We will also be sending schools financial literacy materials each quarter that they can either print and hand out to students or they can place the pdf on their website. -Jim

Helping students get smart about money is uppermost in the minds of many financial aid administrators.  Nelnet Loan Servicing has decided to take an active role in getting literacy information out to students.  Beginning February 14th, our Money Monday series begins with an overview of personal finance.  This session is a broad look at personal finance and will touch on many areas including knowing where your money goes, wants vs. needs, minimizing debt, investing for the future and an overview of student loan repayment.  Additional segments will follow that take a more in depth look at topics initially represented. 

 This free webinar series offers students an easy-to-access way to learn about money from the comfort of their own computers. They simply sign up at, and then join the scheduled webinars to learn about a new topic each time. When they finish the series, they will have the tools they need to talk about money with confidence, manage finances more responsibly, and make solid financial plans for the future.

 Now, more than ever, the financial literacy of the college student imparts an impact on the economy as a whole.  Nelnet Loan Servicing wants to help facilitate the financial well being of students in an environment that is relaxed and convenient.  You can help your students get smart about money by promoting the Money Mondays webinar series on your campus.  Feel free to utilize this printable flyer, .  You also are welcome to provide this link on your school’s website which will take students directly to the webinar registration form:

Join Nelnet in creating a culture of financial literacy.  Make Money Mondays your students’ opportunity to get smart about money.

Dana Kelly, Regional Director (KY, NC, SC, TN, VA)

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  1. February 4, 2011 10:14 am

    Well, well, well . . . so the VERY institution that is part of the reason for the student lending crisis is now involved with financial literacy? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    -Cryn Johannsen

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