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Financial Literacy: Loan Repayment Estimate Charts for Your Students

March 22, 2011

As part of our ongoing “Money Monday” Financial Literacy webinar series for students, we will also begin to send you tools to help counsel students on various topics. 

Our first tool has been a popular one that we have created for many years.  The attached chart (one in color and one in black/white) will help you share with students the repayment amount of a student loan.  It defines standard repayment and encourages them to contact their loan servicer if they ever start to have trouble making payments and need other repayment options.   We are also providing the url to NSLDS so they can learn where to go and see a complete picture of their loans.

One last thing, you will see that we have an open, “editable” field in the pdf.  (lower left hand corner).  You can choose to enter other links, your office contact number, or any other information you want. You can also leave it blank as well.   You can find the entire library of offerings we have for schools by visiting or school-focused website

This is the first of many things we want to send your way.  Let us if there are other things that we can provide to you.



Thank you,


Lou Murray, Southwestern Regional Director (TX, NM)

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