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Financial Literacy: Budget Planner Worksheets for your Students (and maybe you too)

April 25, 2011

Nelnet has developed a budget worksheet for your students.  I think this would be especially helpful to any student or family that is trying to identify the true cost they need to attend your institution.  It compares how much money they have budgeted and how much it will actually cost them.  As many of us have experienced in our own personal lives,  this can sometimes be  two very different numbers.  At the end of the worksheet they can sum it all up and see exactly where they stand. 

We are using this budget planner right now with my son as he prepares to leave for college next year. I told my wife we should do the same budget worksheet for ourselves.   We have added this to our Financial Literacy section on Nelnet’s  website for schools.    Just click on Financial Literacy.  You can choose from black/white or color copies.  We have also left a section of the pdf editable so that you can add your own office hours, phone number, etc.  Keep your ideas for other tools we can develop coming.  -Jim

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