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Five Tips For Job Seekers to Stand Out Among The Competition

July 29, 2011

RessumeEdge, a Nelnet company and leading online provider of resume writing services, today published a new resource, “How to make yourself visible during a job search.” Based on their expertise in the job hunting process, the certified resume writers and other specialists at ResumeEdge collaborated to make a top five list of tips that are sure to help job seekers stand out from an intimidating pool of candidates.

“With the number of unemployed Americans still over 13 million people, standing out above the crowd during the job search is absolutely critical,” said Nina Freier, Director at ResumeEdge. “These best practices will help job seekers, regardless of location or industry, get the upper hand in landing a job.”

  •  1. Utilize your social networks — Don’t be shy during your job search. Use social media to your advantage, write relevant posts about what you’re looking for and ask your contacts for leads. Recommendations on LinkedIn are a fantastic way to build up a library of references. If you don’t like social media, schedule lunches and coffees with folks you know personally and professionally to talk about what kind of job you want.
  •  2. Present a cover letter and resume that you’re proud to call your own — In the tall paper piles and full email boxes of recruiters and hiring managers, your cover letter and resume are your stamp of personality. Don’t send anything that doesn’t perfectly depict who you are and what you can offer an organization. If you aren’t sure about what to include or how to articulate your skills, seek out resume writing help from experts at a resume service.
  •  3. Take the time to map out a comparison of a potential job’s requirements and your personal experience — hiring managers are busy. If you can save them time by drawing direct correlations between your experience and the position they are hiring for, they will appreciate the effort. If there is no direct connection, save everyone the time and effort and skip this job opportunity.
  •  4. Be able to articulate who you are and what you offer — Everyone has his or her own skills, accomplishments, values and interests, so take the time to break down your individual assets and quantify them, if possible. It’s what makes you unique and qualified to fulfill certain positions. You and your future employer both deserve to understand if there is a match professionally, personally and culturally.
  •  5. Treat each job interview like you are talking with your future employer — In the job interview process, a mistake people often make is to become robotic in interviews. When someone treats an interview like “just another on the list,” it’s apparent to the interviewer and the candidate loses points. Instead, if the candidate seems energetic, confident, engaged and ready to start, it makes them more memorable and more likely to get the position.

    Nina Frier

Nina Frier, Director, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, Nelnet, Inc. and Director, ResumeEdge

Nina brings 19 years of expertise in human capital management and organizational development to her role as Director for ResumeEdge. She has provided both tactical and strategic direction to enterprise-wide change programs and talent acquisition initiatives across several North American industries, ranging from large-scale recruitment projects to planning and executing change efforts due economic growth and contraction..

Nina is a Global Human Resources Professional (GPHR) and a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo and a diploma in Management Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University.
Nina has appeared on Good Day Colorado and Daybreak on KWGN, Channel 2, in Denver.

Nina can be heard on The Executive Report, an audio broadcast heard on select American Airlines and USAirways flights in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

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