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AIB College of Business Recognized by IASFAA For Their Efforts During Financial Aid Awareness Month

August 1, 2011

AIB College of Business -Des Moines, Iowa

AIB College of Business, located in Des Moines, Iowa, is an independent, nonprofit, coeducational college of business, which was founded in 1921 and offers associate of applied science and bachelor of science degrees.  Earlier in the year, the AIB financial aid team decided to put forth a more concentrated effort during Financial Aid Awareness month and were recognized by the Iowa Association of Financial Aid Administrators for their efforts and creativity.  Below is a list of some of the initiatives carried out by members of the AIB College of Business team.  The school noted that “By utilizing everyone’s talents, we were able to have one of the most successful financial aid awareness months AIB has ever seen.”    

  •  On February 1st, during AIB’s common break hour, their entire staff went to the school diner and handed out financial aid information and candy to students. This Financial Aid Awareness Month kickoff was a low cost, easy way for AIB to meet students and promote upcoming activities
  • After taking necessary steps, AIB was able to create two $500 scholarships. To be eligible, students had to stop by the financial aid office to pick up their packets and make sure they had their FAFSA completed by the institutions priority deadline. Staff members spoke with all students who came in and were able to answer any questions they might have had. AIB financial aid staff popped fresh popcorn and offered it to students as they left the office. This created a more informal environment in hopes that students would not be afraid to approach the financial aid staff. The students had a week to come to the financial aid office and put their name in for the drawing. The drawing is scheduled before the fall term to determine who the winners are.
  •  AIB hosted a College Goal Sunday event on February 24th. This was the first time, in recent memory, AIB had hosted a College Goal Sunday event. Collaborating with the admissions office, they sent numerous emails, handed out flyers, and posted several flyers around campus about the event
  • AIB’s financial aid office sent informative emails about finances and the FAFSA out to students.
  • They strategically placed posters over the high traffic areas on campus. Along with the posters made by the office, they incorporated the “Mission Money Control” materials provided by a partner agency, utilizing another low cost resource to bring financial aid to the forefront.
  • In addition to financial aid literacy emails, they contacted students regarding various scholarship opportunities.
  • AIB’s Financial Aid Director, Laurie Sanders and their Assistant Director, Tristan Lynn presented a “Teach & Talk” session to educate employees about the basics of financial aid. This provided faculty and staff with knowledge to assist with basic financial aid questions. It also educated them to become more conscious of potential financial problems that their office can assist students with.

 Congratulations to the entire AIB College of Business financial aid team!  Well deserved recognition for the work put in to increasing students, faculty and staff awareness about financial aid and the assistance that is available through their office.

Alan Ishida - Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions (CO, HI, Guam, IA, WI, WV)

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