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Faces of Nelnet: Bob Montgomery, Process Leader for Default Prevention

September 6, 2011

Bob Montgomery, Business Process Leader, Nelnet Diversified Solutions

Dawn: What is your favorite thing about what you do at Nelnet?

Bob: I have a constant opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of associates (IT professionals, Management, Trainers, Analysts, Customer Service Professionals, & Sales) to define, prioritize, and lead process improvement initiatives that are focused on our customers.

Dawn: Please describe a typical day for you.

Bob: Like many, I start my day by turning on my smart phone to look at the calendar and reviewing the e-mail messages that hit over night. The prior day’s default prevention results begin flowing-in which leads to multiple check-in discussions. In addition, we typically have 2-3 new project initiatives underway which requires a tremendous amount of attention. We discuss project design and requirements on a daily basis.

Dawn: What has been your biggest challenge work-wise over the past 12 months?

Bob: The FSA measures Nelnet’s default prevention efforts by monitoring the percentage of repayment borrowers and dollars in default. Consequently, we are continuously piloting and deploying new strategies to increase successful repayment. The balancing of all the new strategies is my biggest challenge but is also the most exciting part of my job.

Dawn: If a school asks you what you do for Nelnet that impacts them, what would you say?

Bob: Deploy servicing strategies for our borrowers in order to improve their repayment rates and ultimately improve the school cohort default rates.

Dawn: If you could rewrite your high school year book quote, what would you say?

Bob: I won’t see most of you in 20+ years but this thing called the “internet & facebook” will be invented and we’ll chat then.

Dawn: What is one habit you have that actually annoys even you?

Bob: I care way too much about politics.

Dawn: What super-power would you like to have? Bob: Travel into the future

Dawn Knight, Western Regional Director: AZ, WA, OR, ID, NV, CA, WY and ND

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