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Five Nelnet Regional Directors Now Certified Educators in Personal Finance

November 14, 2011

Financial literacy is on everyone’s mind right now.  The need to lower default rates are a concern for all parties, and Nelnet continues to evaluate ways we can assist you in your financial literacy outreach efforts as well as provide additional resources for default prevention.  

Back in July, I blogged that the entire Nelnet Partner Solutions team is working with the Center for Financial Certifications to become Certified Educators in Personal Finance (CEPF)®.  Dawn Knight, Western Regional Director, was the first Regional Director to obtain this certification.  I am happy to announce that four more Regional Directors have obtained this certification:

  • Don Buehrer, Regional Director (Southwest & Rocky Mountain)
  • Kimber Decker, Regional Director (Northeast)
  • Dana Kelly, Regional Director (South)
  • Lou Murray, Regional Director (Southwest)

The Certified Educator in Personal Finance® was developed to provide professional development and training to those who work with clients in a group or community setting.   This comprehensive program is designed to allow financial educators to teach individuals  the following financial wellness skills:

  • Establish personal budgets
  • Evaluate debt loads
  • Set financial goal
  • Develop plan of action

Certification ensures that individuals are trained and tested in teaching skills and the elements of financial management, as well as strategies for developing and delivering effective lesson plans. Referencing National Standards and Best Practices in K-12 Personal Finance Education created by the Jump$tart Coalition and the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education developed by the Institute for Financial Literacy, educators  learn what comprises a sound financial education program.

 Upon completion of the program, the CEPF® will have the essential tools needed to further their professional advancement and help clients change ineffective money management patterns.

Stay tuned as more of your regional directors complete their certification.

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  1. Denise Daniel permalink
    November 22, 2011 10:25 am

    How does a financial aid officer get this certification, and what is the price? I’m in the midwest region, so we don’t have a certified rep yet.

    • November 22, 2011 10:52 pm

      Hi Denise,

      There are many different organizations that offer the certification. When we researched for our team we found that the costs varied from about $400 to $1200. Give or take. All of them require additional classes each year to keep the certification. You can contact Pam King on our team. She did quite a bit of research on this. Her email is

      Thanks for your comment..

      Jim Harris

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