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What We’re Doing to Communicate Better with Students

November 17, 2011

We’ve heard we could do a better job of communicating to students, and we’ve taken that feedback to heart. Here’s our plan for this year on how we’ll improve our communication.


Improved communication with students who are in school

Our new communication plan centers around educating borrowers on who we are and how we will help them throughout their student loan life cycle. We’ll provide students with an introductory letter—containing details about their loan in addition to explaining who we are and what we do—an e-mail, and a landing page when they first have loans assigned to us as their servicer.

All communications are being developed to have a clear, friendly tone. We will also contact in-school borrowers when they have additional loans assigned to us. We’ll reach out to in-school borrowers a few times per year with timely and customer-service-oriented messages so they’re continually aware of their relationship with us and are comfortable talking with us if they have any questions about their loan(s) or what to expect.

Targeted communication to students who are in grace

We’re ramping up our efforts by sending targeted communications to students almost every month during their grace period. These materials explain Nelnet’s role with their loans, how to check NSLDS to verify all the loans they are responsible for, and what they can expect when they enter repayment. We’ll also cover what they can do if they anticipate having trouble making payments. 

We’ve set up a landing page especially for students who are in grace. This site includes a sample Disclosure of Repayment Schedule and tutorial videos on how to make a payment and use Manage My Account on

More ways to connect with us

To better communicate with our borrowers, we actively use Twitter and Facebook. These social media channels help us answer their questions, in addition to providing borrowers with important financial tips and updates.

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