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Profiles in the Financial Aid Profession: Linda Judge from St. Mary’s College

December 7, 2011

Linda Judge, Director of Financial Aid, St. Mary's College

Jon Potter: What are you most proud of with your Financial Aid Office?

Linda Judge: The service to our students, as I think we go above and beyond answering their questions. We like to deliver complete information to them.

Jon: Are there any primary or coming trends you see coming to the Financial Aid Office?

Linda: I think some of the State and Federal programs are becoming burdensome to our office (staff). It could impact the “face to face” interaction we provide to our students. We are currently burdened with lots of reporting and fact checking.

Jon: Who in the Financial Aid community has been your mentor?

Linda: My mentor retired. Her name is Billie Jones. She still comes around from time to time and seems to be enjoying retirement. She was very influential in my role and life.

Jon: Where do you think schools should focus their efforts given the move to a 3-year CDR model?

Linda: Partnering with the servicers, so the communication from each party matches and doesn’t cause confusion to the student. Each school needs to work with the servicers and provide access to the borrower that appears non-threatening.

Jon: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Linda: I wanted to be an Architect. I like physical work and doing things with my hands…I enjoy a physical result.  I’m a true “do-it-yourselfer” both in and out of the home with multiple projects at a time…that sometimes snowballs on me!

Jon: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Linda: The reward of making a difference to our students. There are students who really need the assistance, and the reward is found in helping them get through school.

Jon: What is your favorite book, movie, or food?

Linda: I pretty much like every book I read, and my favorite author is Elizabeth Ayende. When it comes to food, I like food from my own culture – Mexican! I like food that is prepared at certain times of the year. I like tamales, menudo, and pozole. I also remember my mother’s fresh tortillas…

Jon: Name one thing that people do not know about you.

Linda: I have a son getting married in January, and a daughter getting married in October.

Jon: What’s your favorite television show?

Linda: The Office.

Jon: What do you think about the state of the industry?

Linda: We need to think about offering more trainings and networking opportunities to get the community (back) together. It’s like any friendship or marriage…you need to work at it to keep the connection going.

Jon Potter, Western Regional Director (CA)

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