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Faces of Nelnet: Anne Del Plato, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions (NY, MA, ME, RI, NH, VT)

December 27, 2011

Anne Del Plato, Eastern Reginal Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight:  What is your main focus right now?  I know you’re on some projects for Nelnet; can you give me some insight on those?

Anne Del Plato:  My main focus this fall was to meet with schools throughout the Northeast to learn more about their needs, to answer their federal loan servicing questions, and to keep them informed about Nelnet’s services for schools and students.

As far as project teams within Nelnet, I’m working on the financial literacy team and am one of the Money Monday webinar presenters.  I am studying to obtain my Financial Counseling Certification. I have just begun work with some team members on developing a Best Practices in Default Management resource page on the Nelnet website.  I am also working with my states to develop training programs for them and am serving on association training committees and program committees.  As far as expertise, I have studied debt management and default prevention most extensively, and have provided training internally and externally on those topics.

Dawn: Have you had any memorable moments over the past year work-wise that you’d like to share?

Anne: I am so pleased to be part of the team that develops and provides financial literacy sessions for students.  So many students go to college with very limited knowledge of how to handle money. Throughout my years in financial aid, I’ve seen so many get into credit card debt or other financial problems that limit their opportunities for many years.  Besides, I’ve missed working with students since I left my work in financial aid offices. This is a great opportunity to work with them again and to provide a much-needed service.   

Dawn: What is your favorite work-related iPad app that you can’t live without?

Anne: iOS 5 because it syncs Outlook Tasks, creates reminders, lists, and more.

Dawn:  You don’t even know what you just said there. D0 you, Annie? ….What do you see as the biggest challenge schools are facing right now?

Anne:  The rate of change is faster, and schools are constantly required to do more each year with smaller administrative budgets.  In the big picture, maintaining regulatory compliance and system efficiencies while still delivering quality services to students is becoming a bigger challenge each year. 

Dawn: What is your best recent read or CD you’ve purchased?

Anne: Best CD – Adele’s 21. That woman can deliver a song! – Best Recent Read – Finally read Freakonomics.  It’s a life-changing way of looking at the world from a TRUE cause and effect viewpoint.

Dawn: Who has been your Work / Life mentor throughout the years and why?

Anne: My brother in law Roger Corea has been my mentor throughout the years in life and in work.  He retired from a successful career in finance and then built his own classic car dealership, a lifetime passion that turned into a business. When he left that, he just recently wrote his first novel.

Roger accomplishes all this while still prioritizing family and relationships.  He respects all and has an incredibly insightful understanding of people.  I’m so honored that he is part of my life. 

Dawn: What was the most recent meal you cooked that turned out awful?

Anne: Oh my gosh, there’s so much to choose from!  I tried to make a French chicken dish with a complicated cream sauce.  I was still cooking it for two hours after my company came!  Thank goodness I had a lot of wine on hand!!  I’ll be hearing about this one for a long time.

Dawn Knight, Western Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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