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Borrower Experience: A New and Improved Is Coming Soon!

February 13, 2012

In order to better serve our borrowers, we’ve been working hard to enhance and improve our website. Changes borrowers will notice include simplified navigation, easier access to their student loan information, and valuable financial literacy resources—all at their fingertips.

A peak at the new home page


Other great features that borrowers will find on our improved website include:

  • Enhanced search function so they can quickly find the information they’re looking for
  • Repayment plan options and explanations that will allow them to find the best repayment plan
  • Mobile optimization that allows them to view the new on their smart phone or tablet
  • FAQs about student loans, repayment, tax information, and more
  • Calculators to determine the monthly payments for different repayment plans
  • Helpful videos and tutorials that walk them through the process of managing their loan with Nelnet
  • Comprehensive list of more than 80 student loan terms and definitions
  • Detailed explanation about what Nelnet does on behalf of the Department of Education in order to better service their student loan
  • Information about the student loan life cycle—find out what part of the cycle their loan is in and what’s expected of them
  • Information about Nelnet’s other lines of business

We’re confident that borrowers will enjoy the new online experience at once it’s live!

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