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Financial Literacy Month is Just Around the Corner

March 27, 2012

April is sometimes referred to as Financial Literacy Month.  Campuses understand the importance of educating students on financial wellness, but often it is difficult to implement programs with limited resources, staffing, and balancing the workload in a financial aid office.

Here are some ideas you can quickly and easily implement in your office to support Financial Literacy Month.

FINANCIAL LITERACY FLYERS:   Post informative Financial Literacy flyers and make them available to your students in your office and around campus.  Nelnet has free customizable PDFs available in our Financial Literacy online library.  Within minutes, you can add your campus’ name and contact information to the flyer and hit the print button.  Some examples are:

  • Managing Your Money:  9 Tips to Achieving Financial Wellness
  • How to Avoid Delinquency and Default
  • Credit Card Tips
  • Identity Theft
  • Budgeting Strategies
  • Financial Goals Worksheet

30 MINUTE WEBINARS:   Encourage students to register for a free Financial Literacy webinar.  Nelnet offers Money Mondays, a series of 30 minute Financial Literacy webinars.  To help promote the series to your students, here is a printable flier  about Money Mondays.

FINANCIAL LITERACY EMAIL TIP OF THE WEEK:  For the month of April, have the entire Financial Aid staff add a Financial Literacy tip to the bottom of their emails.  Each week, you could change the tip. Create your own or here are some quick ones you could simply add to an email.

  • Ever wonder what your own credit report looks like and what’s on it?  It is recommended to review your credit report to ensure all the data is accurate. You can request a free credit report every year.  You can request here:    
  •  Never sign up for a credit card just to get something free.  Selecting the right credit card should be based on the interest rate, annual fee, etc.  And most important, ask yourself- do I really need this credit card and can I afford to repay any charges?  Credit card decisions should never come down to a free t-shirt.
  • Don’t throw away your junk mail.  What?   Shred it! Those pre-approved credit card mailings, bills, and cash advance checks should be shredded.  You never know what happens to your trash after it leaves your house.      
  • Going shopping?  Consider buying the store brand rather the name brand.  Price comparisons can save you a lot of money. Many of the store brand products are comparable and significantly cheaper.  This is a great way to save!

What are you doing to promote Financial Literacy Month on your campus? We would love to hear other ideas.

Dan Dreves, Northeast Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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  1. Denise Daniel permalink
    April 2, 2012 6:29 pm

    It would really be nice to get the list of Money Mondays webinars at the beginning of the month. Last month, I checked for over a week at the beginning of the month and got nothing When the announcement came across with the update, there was only one date left in the series, and it seems like that happens every month. The Webinar Wednesdays for the month are already in place. Can’t we get the same thing for the Money Mondays?

    • April 2, 2012 10:33 pm


      Thank you for the great comment. We are going to take your advice and start doing just like we are doing for Webinar Wednesdays. We will put two months of content on the website at a time. Thank you for the feedback.

      Thank you,

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