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Profiles in Financial Aid: Raul Lerma from El Paso Community College

May 2, 2012

Raul Lerma, Interim Executive Director of Financial Aid, El Paso Community College

Lou Murray:  How long have you been in Financial Aid?  

Raul Lerma:  26 years. The majority of my years were at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

Lou:  And now, here you are at El Paso Community College (EPCC). 

Raul:  I hit a year here at EPCC in February. Time flies!

Lou:  What is your focus at EPCC?

Raul:  I am the current Interim Executive Director of Financial Aid at EPCC, managing financial aid for EPCC’s five campuses.

Lou:  I know UTEP and EPCC have always worked closely together, with great interaction between the financial aid offices. How different are things at the 2-year college from your days at the 4-year university?

Raul:  It is not the same at the 2-year institution. It requires a unique mindset with different types of goals. We administer programs here that are unlike the programs I was used to at UTEP.  Working with five campuses has also been an adjustment.  Plus, I am now working with Veteran Affairs and scholarships. At UTEP, I did not administer either of those programs from my office.

Despite differences, there has not been much of a learning curve. I was familiar with EPCC and the staff since we have a consortium agreement between EPCC and UTEP.  The consortium agreement brings a unique process for both ends as far as transferring over the student. Both institutions use the Banner system, so that also made the transition much easier for me.

Lou:  What are you most proud of regarding your Financial Aid office?

Raul:  The staff – Fortunately, I worked with most of them in my previous role at UTEP.  We have low turnover here; our staff is very established. The management team is supportive. We work hard to serve students and families and work well with our school districts.

Lou:  What have been the biggest challenges for you during your first year, here?

Raul:  The changes… Not just my role, but especially industry changes such as Pell limit, Ability to Benefit (ATB)… it is and will be a challenge.  Budget cuts at the state level haven’t helped.

Lou:  What makes EPCC unique from other schools?

Raul:  Certainly our population and location makes us unique, being on the Texas Boarder. Our campus consists of a large number of first generation and non-traditional students.  We serve military students. These three elements make our experience a little more unique.

Lou:  Are there any primary or common trends you see in Financial Aid?

Raul: I think you see more people who are better aware of financial aid. Students ask more questions and parents seem more involved and educated.  There is a priority for outreach and getting the message out there.  I give some of that credit to the cooperative relationship we have with our local schools.

Lou:  Who in Financial Aid would you consider your mentor?

Raul:  Oh, a number of “ol Texas icons” come to mind:  Earl Hudgins & Ronnie Barns (Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center), Arnold Trejo (formerly at Texas A&M University), Rob Sheridan (University of Houston, retired), Henry Garcia (Del Mar Community College).  I consider Linda Gonzalez-Hensgen (Vice President of Student Services at EPCC) a mentor, for sure.

Lou:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Raul:  I wanted to be a Financial Aid Director, of course <chuckle>.  Growing up?  I wanted to be a fireman.  As I got older, I wanted to be a teacher.

Lou:  What do you enjoy reading?  Have you read any good books lately?

Raul:  I like books from best-selling authors like Tom Clancy and Dan Brown.

Lou:  What’s your favorite movie?

Raul:  The Godfather is a good one.

Lou:  Can you share something that your industry peers probably don’t know about you?

Raul:  I have tattoos!

Lou:  No Way!

Raul:  I have two!  I got my first one when my daughter turned 18 – we got tattoos together.  One is a Celtic cross made with the initials of the “women in my life”, and the other is the Chinese symbol for father.

Lou Murray, Southwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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  1. Abdulmalik YUSUF, permalink
    May 7, 2012 10:48 am

    This is a very good job that has reward here and hereafter. Nevertheless, how could you people assist third world countries with this educational aids.

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