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Did You Know That Nelnet Is On Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube?

May 3, 2012

Results from Jim’s Blog Social Media Poll

According to, more than 80 percent of all Americans now use at least one social media network. Social media, social networking, blog, like, tweet, pin – these are all common terms in today’s society. In a recent poll, I asked you to tell me the social media sites you currently use. The results of the poll show that the majority (76%) of responders use Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Many colleges and universities, including financial aid offices, have a Facebook or Twitter page to communicate with their students. As technology continues to advance and electronic devices become more mobile, we have to adapt in order to communicate effectively.

Did you know that Nelnet Loan Servicing is on Facebook and Twitter? We have a Facebook and Twitter page specifically for schools and a Facebook and Twitter page for borrowers. Like or follow us to stay informed on the latest information we have for schools and find out what we are telling our borrowers. We have over 77,000 likes on our borrower-focused Facebook page! It has been a very successful way for borrowers to ask us questions and get help with their loans.

In addition, we recently created a YouTube channel for schools. See quick videos of our Nelnet Regional Directors and School Service Center representatives talking about the services we have to help you and your students, as well as other industry topics and stories. Subscribe to the channel, and you will be notified when we add a new video. In fact, we have more videos that will be posted very soon!

Maybe your preference is Facebook, watching a video, a simple email, or a phone call. Our goal is to provide multiple communication avenues in order to best reach all of our customers. If you have any social media questions, please let me know. You can comment on this post or leave a message on our school-facing Facebook or Twitter page.

Have you wondered about the little bar codes popping up everywhere – on collateral, direct mail, menus, posters, etc.? Stay tuned because my next blog post will tell you all about it!

Jodi Miller, Western Regional Director & Social Media Strategist, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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