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Options for Your Exit Counseling Sessions

May 7, 2012

Based on recent feedback and questions from schools, Nelnet wants to remind you of your options for exit counseling sessions for your students. You currently have three options for meeting exit counseling reporting requirements:

1. Direct students to complete exit counseling through NSLDS. If you utilize this option, no further action is required by you. NSLDS forwards information to all appropriate entities. You may contact the NSLDS Customer Support Center at 1.800.999.8219, if you have any questions about NSLDS Exit Counseling.
2. Provide in-person counseling sessions. If you do in-person counseling sessions, you will need to determine each guarantor and/or appropriate Direct Loan servicer associated with the student by viewing NSLDS. Once all parties are identified, you would do one of the following:

  • Send exit verification forms to each guarantor of the borrower’s FFELP loans and/or appropriate Direct Loan servicer associated with the student. You can order Exit Counseling Confirmation Forms by contacting NSLDS Customer Support Center at 1.800.999.8219.)
  • Enter a student’s exit counseling information directly into NSLDS. NSLDS will then forward the information to all appropriate entities, including the guarantor(s) and/or the appropriate Direct Loan servicer(s).

3. Utilize a third-party loan counseling product. If you utilize this option, you will need to determine each guarantor and/or appropriate Direct Loan servicer associated with the student by viewing NSLDS. Then forward the exit verification forms to each guarantor and/or appropriate Direct Loan servicer associated with the student.

Per federal regulations, if a student withdraws from the school without your prior knowledge, or fails to complete the exit counseling as required, and you have determined that interactive counseling has not been completed, you are required to send written counseling materials within 30 days. An e-mail sent with a PDF version of the written materials is acceptable, assuming the electronic material contains all the required information. If the e-mail bounces back, FSA expects you to mail the required materials to the student. Simply sending an e-mail with a link to the materials will not satisfy the requirement to send written materials.

Please note that sending counseling documents electronically is not considered equivalent to completing an electronic interactive counseling session.

For additional information refer to the e-announcement from March 29, 2010. Final regulations amending the exit counseling requirements were published in the Federal Register on October 28, 2009.

Pam King, Partner Solutions Strategy Director and Regional Director for Missouri

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  1. Cathy Stensland permalink
    May 8, 2012 1:33 pm

    I just called the 800 number for the Direct Loan Origination Center to order Exit Counseling Confirmation forms. Chris at 800 number directed me to NSLDS for the forms.

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