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A Day in the Life: Get to Know Ron Day, Your 2011-2012 NASFAA Chair Elect

June 22, 2012

Ron Day, Director of Financial Aid, Kennesaw State University and NASFAA Chair Elect 2011-12

Ron Day is currently the 2011-12 NASFAA Chair Elect, and  Jim’s Blog will be chronicling Ron’s year-long adventure as 2012-13 NASFAA Chair. Here is Kristi Jones and Amy Moser’s interview with Ron held at a recent conference.

Amy:  When you and I worked together (we won’t mention how long ago), we walked during our lunch break. Do you still walk daily? 

Ron:  Yes, I walk at lunch every day that I can clear my schedule.

Amy:  What are you playing on your mobile device?

Ron:  I don’t play on my mobile device. I live somewhat of a boring life.  Currently, my life revolves around work and NASFAA responsibilities.

Amy:  What is your favorite sport?

Ron:  I love professional baseball.  I join three of my friends every year, and we attend spring training for Major League Baseball.  Unfortunately, this year we will not be going.  I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan.

Amy:  What are you watching on TV?

Ron:  I mainly watch Sports Center.  I am not big on network shows.  I am happy that TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland is back on.  I was a huge fan of his show,24.  I also enjoy watching the History and Discovery Channels.

Amy:  What are you listening to?

Ron:  Although I enjoy music very much, I do not own an iPod.  I like listening to 70’s and 80’s tunes on my computer.

Amy:  Do you have a collection(s) or are you actively collecting anything?

Ron:  I collect elephants, being that I am an alumnus from the University of Alabama.  I have had season football tickets for the last 28 years. I collect hour glasses and obelisks. Kristi is looking at me funny, so let me define an obelisk to be a tall, four-sided shaft of stone, usually tapered and monolithic, that rises to a pointed pyramidal top, like the Washington Monument.

Amy:  During your limited free time, what are you clicking on?   

Ron:  When I get home, I mostly work on NASFAA projects.  When I need a break from my work, I will listen to music on Rhapsody while catching up on my favorite football and baseball news and statistics.

Amy:  What are you reading?

Ron:  I love to read.  Right now, I am reading Money Ball, but have not seen the movie yet.  I also enjoy Jodi Picoult, the author of Change of Heart.

Amy:  What has been your experience so far as NASFAA Chair elect? 

Ron:  It has been a lot of commitment and a lot of preparation.  People can prepare you, but until you experience it, you don’t realize what it entails.  It changes you, but for the better.  Justin Draeger has been a great leader.  He is very energetic, understanding the need for networking.  He also has a great knowledge of policy and remains extremely involved.  He often uses the phrase, “instead of being a menu item, I want to be at the table.”

Amy Moser:  What initiative are you pitching for your year as NASFAA Elect?

Ron Day:  Reauthorization is the primary objective.  A lot of associations are not discussing reauthorization for fear of what congress will do.  The NASFAA committee wants to be prepared.  We are having listening groups at each conference for schools to participate in.

Amy:  What is in store for you for the 2012-2013 year as NASFAA Chair?

Ron:  I will continue to meet with Congressional Staffers.  I am constantly reading regulations so that I am prepared to answer all questions on a global perspective and not just provide my personal opinions.  A lot of planning is necessary and I will have to set rules and objectives for the committee, including training and leadership.  I will continue to attend several in-person meetings.  If it were not for my talented staff, I would not be able to take on this initiative.

Amy:  Where do you like to stay when you are in Washington, DC?

Ron:  I enjoy stating at the Quincy on DuPont Circle.

Amy Moser, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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