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Faces of Nelnet: Jeff Recker, National Product Manager, Responsible Repay

July 18, 2012

Jeff Recker, National Product Manager, Responsible Repay

Dawn: Welcome to our team!  Why did you decide to work for us?

Jeff:  I truly believe the Partner Solutions team is the most talented in the industry.  I think everyone on the team is passionate about what they do – and professional about how they do it. I knew this was a perfect home for me.  It just feels like a great fit already!

Dawn: Do you have any conferences coming up so our schools can meet you face-to-face?

Jeff: Yes, I do. I will be at the Nelnet booth during NASFAA next week. I plan on attending all of the regional conferences and meeting our school customers.

Dawn: The coolest thing about your work experience is____________.

Jeff: Getting to see the country and meeting exceptional people and knowing that my work has made a difference in the financial wellness of student borrowers.

Dawn: The nerdiest thing about your work experience is_____________.

Jeff: Well, I have a public answer and a private answer.  I accidentally locked myself out of my room at a conference….in my underwear.

Dawn: That is hilarious.  How did that happen?

Jeff: I was groggy, and I went out the wrong door to go to the bathroom…and, well, I went out the wrong door.  It can happen to anyone.

Dawn: What is the biggest item you are working on now and want schools to know about? 

Jeff: Getting the message out to schools that Nelnet is an exceptional servicer and manager of default prevention.  So, I would love to talk to them about how we can lower their CDRs and help the financial wellness of their student borrowers.  Also, Nelnet rated #1 on the default metrics on the Dept. of Education quarterly survey – for the last two quarters!  We are excited about that and want to show schools how our expertise in this arena can truly help them.  We’ve been in this business since 1978 – so, it is no accident that we are experts in default management.

Dawn: What are you doing for summer vacation this year?

Jeff: We’re staying in Colorado…going to a few music festivals in some cool mountain towns like Telluride and Aspen.

Dawn: What work-related phrase is over-used and drives you crazy when you hear it (mine is “over-arching”)?

Jeff: “Paradigm Shift” drives me insane.  Really?

Dawn: What was your very first job?

Jeff: I was an usher at a movie theatre for three years.  It was very fun. I had a great time…free pop-corn, free movies.

Dawn: Thanks, Jeff!  We are truly thrilled to have you aboard!

Dawn Knight, Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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