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Apps for Life: Sunscreen, Umbrella, or Snowshoes?

August 16, 2012

Packing for another conference and not sure what to wear?  You better check the weather first!

Being from Houston, Texas, though it seems one can always count on humidity, the weather constantly changes.  I definitely rely on my mobile devices versus the local weather man!  Recently, my 9-year old daughter and I discovered Swackett, a fun alternative to my old and tired weather app.

Swackett converts complex weather data into visual weather reports easily understood by all ages.  The app features “peeps” that always appear properly dressed for the weather.  If it’s cold outside, your peeps are dressed in winter clothes or a jacket.  If it’s hot, you can expect a tank top, while holding some H2O.  Your peeps remind you to bring your sunglasses, umbrella, water, sun-block or rain boots, etc.  Swipe to the right of your peeps and you may see suggested activities based on the day’s weather for the given area.  Swipe again and you may find some nifty trivia.  You can even swipe below your peep for an alternative outfit.  The creators of Swackett also have hidden cookies throughout the app that are dependent on the weather, time of year, or current events for some added fun.

You’ll always be prepared rain or shine with this app regardless of your region or state.  Swackett provides:

  • 24 hour and 5 day forecasts satellite imagery
  • Actual and “real feel” temperature
  • Humidity & dew point
  • Wind speeds & directions
  • Sunrise & sunset
  • Precipitation amounts & percent probability rain, ice & snow

Swackett is available for free on the iPhone and should soon be available for the Android (although no date has been publicized).  Swackett X is an ad-free version, with a few extra surprises for $1.99.

If you are an iPad user, your version is called Peepometer ($1.99).  It’s Swackett with a cool, retro, 1950’s-era feel.  It replicates the look and feel of a vintage meteorologist and the aviation industry, with slick looking dials, while incorporating the “peeps” and wit that make the Swackett app fun.  Remember I mentioned cookies?  Here’s a hint – tap the screw corners of each dial, for an interesting look back in time.  (The iPhone version of Peepometer is called Flashometer and is available for $.99)

Sure, you can use other “dry” weather apps, but you might see if these “peeps” can put a smile on your face the next time that rain just doesn’t want to go away.

Lou Murray, Southwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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