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Faces of Nelnet: Jason Harmon, School Service Center Advisor

August 28, 2012

Jason Harmon, Advisor, Nelnet School Service Center

Jodi Miller: What does “superior customer service” mean to you?

Jason Harmon:  Taking the next step. Not only answering all of the questions, but thinking ahead and answering questions that may arise from the answer that you are giving.  Be pro-active instead of re-active.

Jodi: Please describe a typical day for you.

Jason:  My typical day begins around 6:15 am – getting in and doing some quality checks early in the day when the phones are typically slower.  From there, I move to following up on cases in between phone calls.  After that part of the day, nothing seems to be very “typical”.  Between phone calls and cases that are assigned to us from incoming e-mails, each day is widely varied from yesterday with new surprises around each corner.

Jodi: How does your job provide the greatest impact on Financial Aid offices?

Jason:  Most of our contact with schools is now with their default prevention professionals.  The biggest impact we have with the Financial Aid Office is assisting schools with making sure their students/potential students are in good standing on their current loans so that they can enroll/re-enroll at their school.

Jodi: What has been your biggest work-related challenge during the past six months?

Jason:  My biggest work-related challenge during the past six months has been the addition of processing verbal forbearances when a school calls in with the borrower.  In the past,  we would route those over to our borrower service & repayment center.  Learning all the varied rules and regulations, as well as the processes, has been a challenge.

Jodi: Describe one of your most memorable interactions with a customer.

Jason:  The School Service Center had just started taking calls from schools with the borrower on the line to do verbal forbearances and deferment qualifications.  I had qualified a borrower for the unemployment deferment and then processed a verbal forbearance on their account.  When I asked if there was anything else I could help with, the borrower did not hesitate to ask me to pray that she finds a job soon. She had been out of work for quite some time and was really struggling.  It was one of those things that I found encouraging – knowing that we  that we sometimes need something bigger than ourselves to help us through hard times.

Jodi: Tell me about your favorite vacation experience.

Jason:  Camping with the family when I was growing up.  Every summer we would go up to the mountains and get away from everyday life – get out in nature and just have fun with the family.

Jodi: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

Jason:  I haven’t taken a vacation in quite a long time, we are talking years.  So I’m thinking I might actually take one this summer – head up to the mountains, go camping, hiking, just enjoying the great outdoors.

 Jodi:  If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be? 

Jason: Competitive

Jodi Miller, Western Regional Director & Social Media Strategist, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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