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Faces of Nelnet: Lynn Renker from School Service Center

September 5, 2012

Lynn Renker, Specialist, Nelnet School Service Center

Jodi Miller: What does “superior customer service” mean to you?

Lynn Renker:  Going above and beyond the normal.  Following up with the customer to make sure their questions have been answered.  Being treated the way that you would want to be treated.

Jodi: Please describe a typical day for you.

Lynn: I work the early shift, so I am up at 4:00 and get to work about 5:45. I will check emails and see if there are any voice messages from the night before.  Mornings are quiet until about 6:30. I like to get the administrative duties out of the way before the calls start coming in.  During the day, I try to follow up on cases in between phone calls.

Jodi: How does your job provide the greatest impact on Financial Aid offices?

Lynn: I like the fact that we are the Financial Aid Office’s resource.  I once had a school say, “I knew that if I called Nelnet, I’d get the right answer.”

Jodi: Describe one of your most memorable interactions with a customer.

Lynn: The most memorable interactions are the relationships that I have built with schools over the past years in the School Service Center. They feel so comfortable calling and getting that personal level of service.

Jodi: Tell me about your favorite vacation experience.

Lynn: A vacation that I took to Hawaii several years ago with my family.  We spent 2 weeks there and it was great.  We went to all the islands.

Jodi: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

Lynn: Our son is getting married this June, and we are looking forward to lots of family visiting and showing them our Colorado scenery.

 Jodi:  If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be? 

Lynn:  Persistent

Jodi Miller, Western Regional Director & Social Media Strategist, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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