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Profiles in Financial Aid: Karemah Campbell Manselle from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law

September 27, 2012

Kristi Jones, Nelnet Regional Director & Karemah Campbell Mansella, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, FAMU College of Law

Kristi Jones:  How long have you worked in the financial aid industry?

Karemah Campbell Manselle:  I started in financial aid as a work-study student in 1999.  However, I have been a financial aid professional since 2003. So, it has been 9 solid years.

Kristi:  Where did you work prior to FAMU Law?

Karemah:  The University of Central Florida.

Kristi:  Do you notice a big difference between working at a four-year state school as opposed to working with graduate students at the law school?

Karemah: There are definitely some differences between the student bodies of a large four-year state school and a smaller professional college within a smaller state institution.  I think one of the major differences is graduate/professional students often have more complex life situations that can create unique challenges.  I spend a lot of time listening to my students and assisting them with much more than just their financial aid concerns.

Kristi:  What has been your biggest challenge during this past year?

Karemah:  This year, one of the biggest challenges was the elimination of the subsidized loan for graduate students.  Students had a difficult time understanding why this was done and what it meant in terms of their financial aid packages.  The Office of Financial Aid at FAMU College of Law held multiple forums to explain the change to students in addition to utilizing various forms of communication to share this important information with the student body.  However, this fall we have gotten a few students who were shocked to not see the subsidized loan as a part of their financial aid package.

Kristi:  Is financial literacy a focus at FAMU Law?  If so, how do you promote financial wellness to your students?

Karemah:  Financial literacy is a very important at FAMU College of Law.  We have a Money Matters page on our website with financial literacy information and resources for prospective and current students.  We also host financial aid forums with comprehensive topics each semester.  Students who have financial concerns or questions are aware of the open door policy of the Office of Financial Aid at the College of Law.  Students are welcomed to stop by for a one-on-one session to receive financial guidance.

Kristi:  Who was your favorite roommate in college, including graduate school?

Karemah: Cute… I really like how you framed the question to be somewhat loaded… My favorite roommate in college was … Kristi 🙂

Kristi:  You are in the process of earning a doctorate. What are you studying?  How much longer do you have until you will be Dr. Campbell Manselle? 

Karemah: Oh yes… Doctoral studies… I hope it is sooner than later. It has definitely been a slow and steady race, with working full-time. However, I am confident I will make it to the finish line.  The time frame has changed so many times, but I am hoping for 2014ish.

Kristi:  What is your favorite movie?

Karemah: That’s actually a tough one…  I really enjoy a good laugh.  So, there are so many comedies that I truly love, but my all time favorite movie is a tear jerker.  It’s Beaches starring Bette Midler.  It is a great story about the bond between true friends.

Kristi:  Who is your favorite artist?

Karemah:  My favorite musical artist of all time is Bob Marley.  I find his music to be timeless.

Kristi:  What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

Karemah:  Most people have no idea how silly I can be.  Laughter is truly good for the soul, and I try to do it as often as possible. For some reason, I often shock people with what I find to be humorous.

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