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Borrower Experience: Never Miss a Payment with KwikPay

October 30, 2012

How many years have you used online banking? Is it helpful? Has it changed the way you manage your money? Moreover, has it reduced your stress level of keeping track of your monthly bills?

Personally, I have used online banking for years. However, I must admit I never set up an e-bill initiated payment plan. Through an e-bill initiated payment plan, automatic, recurring payments are taken directly from my checking/savings account and sent to the payee electronically.  I tested this functionality recently using my monthly cell phone bill, and might I say, it has made a huge difference. Rest assured, my cell phone bill is paid on time, and my stress level has decreased.

To that end, the same is true for Nelnet’s KwikPay product. It is an auto-debit function for your students securing on-time payments. Our KwikPay service deducts automatic payments (ACH) from either a checking or savings account and posts it on the due date or the date they choose. Students just log in to and select Manage KwikPay to get started.

Ask your students to check it out! This is yet another way to manage your Cohort Default Rate. Please contact your Nelnet Regional Director for further information.

Amy Moser, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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