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Nsight Plus: Did You Know?

November 1, 2012

Did you know that Nsight Plus has:

  •  56 data fields
  • Data for all Commercial and Direct Loans serviced by Nelnet (FFELP, PUT/ED owned, DL)
  • Data for all servicers using Nsight including ACS/Xerox, Granite State, ESA, OSLA, and VSAC (Vermont)
  • A more robust, easy-to-use visual format
  • A school portfolio dashboard view
  • Real-time and one-click reporting
  • Auto-schedule report functionality
  • Ability to search individual borrower accounts
  • Ability to search by individual school codes or include all school codes
  • Delinquency reports that can be converted into charts
  • Delinquency letters that can be merged
  • New, extra fields to assist you with student counseling

If you have questions regarding Nsight or need any additional information, please comment on this post or contact your Nelnet Regional Director. If you would like access to Nsight, please complete this short, online form.


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