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New Encryption Tool Brings New Process for Getting Your Secure Messages

November 12, 2012

As a company where customers are #1, it’s essential that we provide the most reliable, secure way for our customers to retrieve information that Nelnet has encrypted, requiring the recipient to log in to a secure environment to access the communication because it contains personally identifiable information (PII). Therefore, effective Friday, November 16, Nelnet will begin using the Cisco Registered Email Service as our provider of data encryption services.

The New System: A More Dependable Option for Customers

Nelnet currently uses Iron Mail and Voltage to encrypt and deliver communications that contain PII. The two-step system relies on old, unsupported technology, making it more difficult to ensure that communications containing PII are being accessed only by the intended recipient. Using the new Iron Port system, which is available in the cloud, data that Nelnet wants to encrypt will only go through Cisco’s Iron Port system to be encrypted and delivered. Nelnet IT has been testing Iron Port extensively with much success and will continue to test up to and after implementation.

What You Need to Do

  1. Read your current messages. Any encrypted communications that you receive from Nelnet, other Nelnet brands, and Nsight through November 15 will only be accessible through the end of November, so please access them by that deadline. Of course, you can always access student borrower information by logging into Nsight directly, as well.
  2. Set up a new username and password. The first time you get an encrypted email from Nelnet through the Cisco system on or after November 16, you’ll need to set up a new user ID and password and follow the steps shown in the email.

After you create your user ID and password, you’ll need to enter your password each time you receive a different encrypted message from us. If you’ve already opened a specific message using your Cisco password, you won’t have to enter it again for that particular message.

We are notifying all Nelnet customers, including borrowers, about this change, and we’ll provide them with instructions on how to retrieve their encrypted messages.

If you have questions about the encryption process or Nelnet’s change to the Cisco system, please let your Regional Director know.

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