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Nsight Plus: Check Out the Latest Enhancements

February 6, 2013

Nsight imageWe have some very exciting, and extensive, Nsight Plus enhancements scheduled for the end of March. In the meantime,  we wanted to tweak a couple of features to make Nsight Plus even more intuitive for you today.

1. Our letter merge functionality has received great feedback, so we wanted to make it very easy for you to access.  You will now see a Letter Merge easy button in the toolbar next to Borrower Search.  If you haven’t used Letter Merge yet,  please make sure you do. These helpful borrower outreach letters are pre-populated and ready to print & send.  Please let us know what you think!

Letter Merge Button on Nsight Plus Toolbar

Letter Merge Button on Nsight Plus Toolbar

2. In the Report Auto-Schedule prompt screen, you have an option to send your scheduled report to your work e-mail inbox or your Nsight Report inbox.  Some schools mentioned to us that it wasn’t clear where they could find the report once it was sent.  Would it be in their e-mail inbox or in their Nsight inbox?  We relabeled the option on the Auto-Schedule prompt screen from My Inbox to My Nsight Report Inbox to differentiate it from your e-mail inbox.

Auto-Schedule Report Prompt Screen in Nsight Plus

Auto-Schedule Report Prompt Screen in Nsight Plus

We hope these minor tweaks have some major results and make your jobs just a little easier. If you do not have access to Nsight Plus for your school’s delinquency & portfolio reports, please submit this online form to obtain your login credentials within a few business days!

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