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Apps for Life: Card Star

March 14, 2013

card starRecently, I noticed that my wallet was getting a bit bulky, and my key ring was starting to look a bit like a janitor’s.  I knew that membership and loyalty cards were to blame; and after a final count, I discovered that I was carrying 17 membership cards with me each day. Even worse, I was still being caught without a membership card at some merchants, meaning no points, no discounts, and no savings!

While 17 cards may not sound like a lot to some, for me, it’s 17 too many. So, in my continued pursuit of efficiency and my quest to de-clutter my life, I’ve taken another step forward with the Card Star app. This handy app houses all my reward and membership cards digitally on my smart phone, which means my days of carrying around a bulging wallet and overflowing key ring are history!

The Card Star app has several benefits:

  •  Input – The input process is simple and quick. Just scan your card or manually enter the membership number.
  •  Selection – There are over 130 merchants to choose from and if your merchant isn’t available, you can create a custom card with the name and information.
  •  Retrieval – Finding your card in the app is simple; just pick from your list of merchants. You can also tag your favorites for even easier access.
  •  More Savings – Card Star also accesses your location via GPS and lets you know about promotions and discounts available in your area, so you never miss out on a good deal.
  • Bonus –  With all the bulk that Card Star has removed from my wallet and all the money it’s saving me, I can go pick out a newer, smaller purse.

The only downside that I’ve  run into is that some merchant scanners will not pick up Card Star’s digital bar code.  However,  in those cases, the merchant can manually input your membership number instead.

Downloading Card Star is FREE for your iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.  You will love having all your cards available in one organized app!

Raina Chezem, Midwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Raina Chezem, Midwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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  1. March 15, 2013 8:27 am

    sweet. I cant wait to try it!

  2. March 15, 2013 11:45 am

    Great app, Raina. My son uses Passbook on his iPhone. I wonder how this one is different. I have the same problem with all of my hotel and airline cards. I have the “George Costanza” wallet.


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