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FAQ: Nelnet and School Third-Party Service Providers

March 25, 2013

As a Direct Loan servicer, Nelnet’s Partner Solutions team receives questions from the school financial aid and borrower communities on a regular basis.  In an effort to share the information and educate our school partners, we post to our blog some of the more relevant and well-timed questions that we receive.

Q:  How does Nelnet’s School Service Center handle calls/questions from a school’s third-party servicer?  How do you confirm they are the school’s servicer, and what type of information will you release?

A:  Nelnet interprets “third-party servicer” as an agency acting on behalf of the school.  In order to proceed with exchanging information, we require a release of authorization (ROA) form from the school stating that it gives permission for us to release borrower-specific information to the third-party agency about the student(s).  Many of the requests ask for demographic information, loan balances, loan statuses, days past due, amounts due, etc.

When we receive these release forms, we scan and store them within our archives for future verification purposes.  If we receive a call from a third-party servicer, our School Service Center (SSC) team reviews our system for the ROA for that agency and the school code on whose behalf it is calling to ensure that an appropriate ROA is in place.  If the necessary documentation is on file, the Nelnet SSC advisor will release the requested information to the agency.

Do you have any servicing-related questions? Please let us know so we can help you and others in the school community who may be wondering the same thing.

Alan Ishida - Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Alan Ishida – Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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