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A Day In the Life: Ron Day Talks Travel

June 11, 2013
Ron Day, Director of Financial Aid, Kennesaw State University and NASFAA National Chair

Ron Day, Director of Financial Aid, Kennesaw State University and NASFAA National Chair

So Ron, you have been traveling so much, Kristi and I thought we would turn this interview toward how you travel. We pulled these travel questions from a recent edition of Delta Sky Magazine. As  frequent travelers, we enjoy learning how others make themselves comfy while on the road.

Amy and Kristi: Tell us about your in-flight listening.

Ron: I have an app on my iPad that allows me to listen to music while surfing the internet and sending emails (Slacker – great App). My favorite travel secret is using noise-canceling headphones. They reduce the noise of flying, babies crying, people talking, etc. and allow me to concentrate on my tasks.

A&K: In-flight reading?

Ron: I am usually connected to the internet and checking emails, responding to messages, sending messages to the University and NASFAA, etc.  I do read a good bit while on the plane as well.  My Kindle has gotten a lot of use this year.

A&K: And inflight snacking ?

Ron: I am not a big snacker on the plane, unless the flight is longer than 4 hours. But you know me; I always have a few animal crackers tucked into my bag just in case.

A&K: Aisle or window?

Ron: I usually sit next to the aisle, unless the flight is early in the morning. Then I try to sit against the window. Nothing like getting your day started right with a power nap propped up against a comfy airplane window.

A&K: What’s your favorite airport?

Ron: As you know, I fly out of  Atlanta (ATL) and really like the airport more than others.  It may be because it often indicates I am home, but mostly because I am very familiar with the airport and navigate it without a problem.

A&K: What’s been your favorite trip of 2013?

Ron: I am not sure I have a favorite trip; all of them have been remarkable.  Being with my colleagues at their state and regional meetings has really been wonderful.

A&K: What’s your favorite part of your travels?

Ron: I must say, and this is certainly not “rocket science,” but coming home is probably my favorite part of travelling.  I enjoy being with my colleagues and representing NASFAA at many meetings, but there’s no place like home.

A&K: Do you pack a reminder from home?

Ron: I do not.

A&K: What’s your least favorite part of your travels?

Ron: Hotels. Each and every one is different. Beds are different, pillows are different. I’m an early riser (really early). So not being able to eat breakfast as early as I usually do while at home is difficult.

A&K: Last time we were together we chatted about travel/plane etiquette. Do you want to share your Ron Rules of Travel?

Ron: I am still putting together the “Ten Commandments” of travelling and will be glad to share them later.

Kristi Jones and Amy Moser, Nelnet Southern Regional Directors

Kristi Jones and Amy Moser, Nelnet Southern Regional Directors

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