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Profiles in Financial Aid: J.D. Robertson, Dixie State University and UASFAA President

June 18, 2013
J.D. Robertson, Director of Financial Aid, Dixie State University, President, UASFAA (Utah)

J.D. Robertson and wife Audra

“There is never a dull day in financial aid,” according to J.D. Robertson, the new President of UASFAA (Utah).

J.D. is a 15 year veteran of the financial aid industry, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Dixie State University. He received a bachelor degree in psychology from Utah State University and a master degree in public administration from Brigham Young University.

His financial aid experience includes being the Assistant Director at Utah Valley University and the Director at Western Governors University.

J.D. has been very active in both state and regional financial aid associations and has served on the membership, and training and conference program committees for RMASFAA.

One of the most recent challenges J.D. has undertaken is moving the financial aid office into a wonderful new building on campus. “Figuring out how everything should work in our new area was a challenge, but we’re not complaining.” And, just like the industry itself, being President of UASFAA has challenges as well. “Getting people to volunteer is one of the biggest challenges facing our organization.”

J.D. is quick to note that he has an incredible staff to work with. “I couldn’t ask for a better staff.” Their next new project “will be determined by whatever the next new regulation is.”

Looking into the regulatory crystal ball, J.D. says that “with the new Pell LEU in place, let’s move back to year around Pell so students can graduate quicker.”

J.D. and his wife Audra have been married for 24 years and have four children (Cade, Mirissa, Paxton and Byrnlee). Their most enjoyable vacations are when they go to Southern California and just chill on the beach. (J.D.’s iPod may be playing some tunes from Jason Aldean or Led Zeppelin.)

A good meal for J.D. would include hot, spicy food. And, if he could invite any four people to his dinner table, it would be his grandparents. “They all passed away before I was born, so I would cherish an opportunity to sit at the table with them.”

There have been numerous changes in financial aid during J.D.’s 15 years in the industry, ranging from the move to Direct Loans, imaging systems, financial aid software systems, Pell LEU, ….etc. But what has remained constant is how he spends his time when not at work…. with his wife and children (and perhaps watching college sports or Lord of the Rings/Hobbit).

Don Buehrer, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Don Buehrer, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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