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FAO Training: Webinar Wednesday Topics for August and September

July 25, 2013

1806_WW_Sig_Graphic_FINIf you haven’t yet taken advantage of  our free Webinar Wednesday training sessions for financial aid professionals, you’re missing out! Sessions happen Wednesdays at 11am and 2pm (Eastern time). Download our latest training flyer to keep the schedule at your fingertips.

Just click on a link below and register; we will take it from there!

Social Media and the Financial Aid Office (Aug 7)

This session takes a look at the communication preferences of today’s college student.  It covers how schools use social media and the steps needed to create a successful social media program on your campus. We will take a closer look at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with an eye toward how aid offices can use these forums to connect with and counsel students.  Additionally, guidelines are provided for creating campus social media plans.

Time: 11:00 am EST
Session number: 803 954 890

Time: 2:00 pm EST
Session Number: 803 445 150

The Importance of Financial Literacy (Aug 21)

Designed to provide you information on financial literacy efforts you can support in your office, this session is a “how to” for this important topic.  The advent of the 3 year Cohort Default Rate and challenging economic times makes financial literacy programs a must have for all financial aid offices.  Learn tips and access tools you can use to promote financial wellness with your students.

Time: 11:00 am EST
Session Number: 805 257 932

Time: 2:00 pm EST
Session Number: 800 235 010

Using NSLDS (Sept 18)

This session is designed to provide insight into NSLDS.  We will discuss access, security, navigation, reporting, hot topics, how the new loan servicers are reflected and what to expect in the future.  We’ll also look at how the FSA Exit Counseling site is linked to NSLDS and what benefits that provides for both the school and the borrower.

Time: 11:00 am EST
Session Number: 806 355 257

Time: 2:00 pm EST
Session Number: 807 015 122

Total and Permanent Disability (Sept 25)

Nelnet has been designated the Servicer for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).  Several changes in this program went into effect on July 1, 2013.  This session takes and overall look at the TPD program and goes over the recent changes that impact this program.

Time: 11:00 am EST
Session Number: 800 616 023

Time: 2:00 pm EST
Session Number: 801 999 912

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