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Summer 2013 Vacation Plans for Financial Aid Professionals

July 26, 2013
Photo Credit: Boston Public Library, Flickr

Photo Credit: Boston Public Library, Flickr

Financial Aid Professionals work hard.   If anyone ever deserves a vacation it certainly is financial aid professionals.  They deal with high levels of stress virtually everyday.  I thought it would be fun to take a look at where some financial aid folks unwind and spend their summer vacation rejuvenating.

  • Liz Enos, Mass Bay Community College will be vacationing with her family on Cape Cod- watching the whales and staying away from the sharks.
  • Susan Montgomery, New England School of Hair Design will be costuming The Sound of Music for her local community theater.
  • Debra Huntington, International Yacht Restoration School has an adventure planned to spend her vacation hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
  • Stephanie Bertagnolli, Mount Holyoke College, will be vacationing on the Jersey Shore.
  • Claire Tatlow, Abington Memorial Hospital- Dixon School of Nursing has plans to visit Italy for 10 days!  Her vacation includes exploring Venice, Florence, and Rome.
  • Matthew Peters, Johnson College, is planning to take a family vacation to Disney World.
  • Shannon Fasone, Seacoast Career Schools will be getting married at Nubble Lighthouse, in York, Maine.
  • Kim Straceski- Holyoke Community College, plans to visit the Jersey Shore and is curious to see the impact from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Lori Bruce, Labaron Kay Harvey Hairdressing Academy.  Once things settle down, she plans to head to Northern Maine and vacation with the black flies.

We hope everyone can take some time to rejuvenate.  Enjoy your summer.

Dan Dreves, Northeast Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dan Dreves, Northeast Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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