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Apps for Life: Collaboration apps BaiBoard and Moxtra

August 21, 2013

Most jobs within our industry require some sort of collaboration with others:  fellow staff members, teammates, customers, association volunteer committees, presentation panels, and project groups.  Recently, I came across a couple of apps that I hope to implement with some of the groups I work with.  Consider using BaiBoard and Moxtra.


Need to get some heads together for a good brainstorming session?  BaiBoard allows you to draw and type on a virtual whiteboard space, while storing, via a BaiBoard cloud.  You can hold real-time meetings where you draw together, chat with text, or audio and annotate PDF files.  Whiteboards and documents can be shared from Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, iTunes, Evernote, and Facebook.  BaiBoard is free and available for iPad and Mac (soon to be available on Android).  Refer to or the iTunes Store.


Have you ever served on a committee that involved several emails going back and forth between members, regarding attachments that need to be sent, received, sorted through, updated, etc.?  I have served on multiple committees where we were expected to update 3-ring binders of information. Moxtra is a free app that allows you to create project binders containing images, notes, videos, PowerPoints, receipts, and documents.  You can collaborate with others using these binders as presentations, using real-time meeting features with audio or voice-over recording.  No more passing back and forth multiple documents – just share the binder.  Moxtra can also be used to tell your life stories, document projects at work & home, or for research.  Is your institution considering partnership bids?  Keep your notes and evaluations in your virtual committee binder, via Moxtra.  It is free and available for your desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  Refer to for more information.

Do you have apps that have enhanced your collaboration efforts? If so, let us know!

Lou Murray, Southwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Lou Murray, Southwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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