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Visit Our NEW Borrower Services Page for Schools

August 30, 2013


As a financial aid officer, your goal is to help students successfully navigate the waters of education financing. As your Nelnet Partner Solutions team, our job is to provide you with the tools, resources, and information you need to assist these students, and we are constantly looking for new ways to do so. We are excited to present you with another tool that will help you help borrowers more effectively.

The new Borrower Services tab of the Nelnet Loan Servicing website is the ultimate guide for FAO’s with Nelnet borrowers. This page is a one-stop reference of all the tools and services we offer to borrowers, including:

  • An overview and timeline of all the communications we send to Nelnet borrowers.
  • Descriptions of account management tools and screenshots of what a borrower sees when they access their account online.
  • A list of the unique payment preferences offered to our borrowers and documents that delve into repayment options.
  • Many links to Nelnet’s online tools and resources for borrowers, like repayment plan calculators, videos, and tutorials.
  • Quick-reference contact information, including the number for our 24/7 borrower line.
  • A link to our loan assist app, which allows borrowers to make payments, sign up for text alerts, and more.

We encourage you to refer to the Borrower Services page when counseling Nelnet borrowers. Hopefully you find it to be useful!

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