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You Spoke, We Listened: Repayment Plan Calculator Added to Nsight Plus

September 9, 2013

Nsight imageWe are excited to announce that we recently added a repayment calculator to the BorrowerSearch tool within Nsight Plus, Nelnet’s reporting tool. Over the past few months, our team reviewed the feedback we received from schools at conferences, in our day-to-day conversations, in School Advisory calls, and anywhere we happen to cross paths. This repayment plan calculator is something many of you have suggested, so we hope you like what we’ve done!

Using the calculator is simple. After accessing a specific borrower using the BorrowerSearch button within Nsight Plus, you will now see a link inside the Account Snapshot (blue box) that says “Calculate Estimated Payments.” Once you click on “Calculate Estimated Payments,” the repayment calculator engine will take the existing borrower loan data on our system and combine it with user-entered information to determine monthly payment amounts on all payment plans (including income-driven payment plans).

You have the flexibility to input the following information to receive payment options for that borrower:

  • Borrower’s adjusted gross income
  • Gross monthly income
  • Family size
  • Marital status
  • External loans

After inputting this borrower information, you will see an accordion page outlining the potential payment plan options for your borrower, including estimated payments.  You’ll also be able to recognize all eligible loans for each repayment plan, as well as possible advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

Note: Only a borrower may choose which payment plan they would like. Schools will have ‘view only access’ for these screens. The great thing is that you will see the same screens that your borrower is seeing within our online account management tool.

We hope you find our repayment plan calculator functionality helpful as you counsel your borrowers!  As always, please contact your Nelnet Partner Solutions representative if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Dawn Knight, National Manager, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight, National Manager, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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