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Tools for FAOs: Nelnet Social Media

October 3, 2013


Did you know that Nelnet Loan Servicing is on Facebook and Twitter? For financial aid professionals, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts that feature articles from Jim’s Blog, FSA news, industry updates, and more. Our borrower Facebook and Twitter accounts are the most popular in the industry. We have over 195,000 Facebook likes and over 21,000 Twitter followers. These have been very successful avenues for communication. We monitor both our school and borrower social media accounts so that we can answer questions and provide assistance whenever needed. Follow us to keep up with all that is happening in the world of financial aid!

Interested in setting up social media accounts for your school or financial aid office? Check out our recorded social media webinar for tips on how to create and maintain successful pages. You may also reach out to your Regional Director with any questions.

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

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