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A Day in the Life: Ron Day Reflects on His Time as NASFAA Chair

October 4, 2013
Ron Day, Director of Financial Aid, Kennesaw State University and NASFAA Past Chair

Ron Day, Director of Financial Aid, Kennesaw State University and NASFAA Past Chair

  • What is the best memory from your year as NASFAA chair?

It would not be one single event or occasion, but collectively it would be representing NASFAA at various meetings (i.e., conferences, workshops, etc.).  It was remarkable to observe such wonderfully dedicated individuals and note the quality leaders we have in our profession.

  • What was one thing you learned about this experience that surprised you?

Surprise? That is a very good question. I suppose it would be the amount of input, involvement, and engagement the Chair has in basically all matters related to our amazing association.

  • What was your greatest accomplishment during your role as NASFAA Chair?

I think often individuals may think accomplishments are singular in nature – meaning it is because of my efforts. That can’t be further from the truth. The Chair sets the stage – and then the “actors perform.” So many individuals assisted in making the year very successful: the Committees and their members, the Board of Directors, the NASFAA Staff, and many others. Many goals were established for the year and, almost without exception, all were accomplished with great success.

  • What will you miss most about this position?

As Chair, you are involved in so much and your input it requested often. Once becoming Past Chair, it is like a faucet that was running full blast all of a sudden is completely turned off. The transition is odd – but as it should be. That is one thing that I feel is appropriate – allowing others the wonderful opportunity of service in this amazing role. I have already missed the interaction with Justin and staff.

  • What are you most looking forward to during your year as Past Chair?

Working with Craig, the NASFAA Chair, Eileen, the NASFAA Chair-Elect, and Justin and staff on new initiatives and projects. As Past Chair, I serve as chair of the AGMC and NEC. These are two very important committees, and I look forward to working on the Strategic Long-Range Plan reconstruction (one of AGMC’s projects) and seeking to find qualified individuals to fill the slate of candidates for the election process (NEC).

  • What was the worst travel experience that you had during this time?

Oh gosh – I could write a book on travel challenges. I suppose one thing that sticks in my mind is taxiing down the runway, getting up the speed for takeoff, and the takeoff was aborted and the pilots had to “slam” on the brakes. Often pilots tell you too much – as was the occasion here. Apparently a sensor indicated that one of the engines was close to catching on fire and “aren’t we glad this occurred during takeoff?” That statement and occurrence really made me want to fly that day!

  • Will you share with us your Ten Commandments of Travel?
    1. Thou shalt not bring anything to eat on the airplane that contains onions.
    2. Mister stranger sitting next to me – it is OK not to talk to me for the entire four-hour flight.
    3. Thou shalt share the arm rest.
    4. Thou shalt prepare for going through the security screening process.
    5. Thou shalt not fly with children younger than 21.
    6. If you wear headphones during the flight, thou shalt not play music loud enough for three rows behind you to hear your “music.”
    7. If you plan to sleep during the flight, thou shalt stay within the confines of your seat and not slump on my shoulder or in “my space.”
    8. Bean O does indeed work.
    9. Thou shalt not store your briefcase, backpack, or any other item in my foot space.
    10. Mr. or Ms. Stranger, if I sit in an aisle seat, please be aware of your gargantuan carryon and my head or shoulder when you walk past me to your seat.
  • What’s next for Ron Day?

Continuing to be available and seeking to serve where needed and when asked. As I begin the latter part of my professional career, I hope to be able to share knowledge, experience, and the passion I have for our incredible profession. Many of our colleagues will be retiring soon and it is imperative that we have dedicated and qualified individuals to carry on.

Kristi Jones and Amy Moser, Nelnet Southern Regional Directors

Kristi Jones and Amy Moser, Nelnet Southern Regional Directors

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