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When Your Students Unplug

October 10, 2013


After graduation, many students plan trips abroad; some for leisure and discovery, others for the mission field or volunteer work.  It’s important that borrowers are aware they should contact their Direct Loan Servicer a few months prior to leaving, especially if traveling to a location for an extended period of time (3 + months) or to a location without telephone or internet access.

Prior to leaving, borrowers should contact Nelnet to change repayment plans and/or discuss any forbearance or deferment options. Of course, they also need to update their email and local address to ensure communication is reaching the correct household.

I would highly recommend borrowers choose a trustworthy Power of Attorney and complete the appropriate legal paperwork. This will allow the Power of Attorney to make choices on the borrowers’ behalf while he or she is out of the country. No one wants to return from the trip of a lifetime to a defaulted student loan. It is only through the Power of Attorney that anyone other than the borrower can inquire and make status changes to a borrowers account.

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Amy Moser, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Amy Moser, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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