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And the Survey Says… “Contact me via email.”

October 14, 2013

Our goal is to address every comment that we receive through the survey conducted by FSA each quarter and continually make improvements.  The surveys are one of the many ways that Nelnet gets feedback from schools on how we can best help them and meet their needs. However, we always welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions at any time …so you never have to wait for an “official” survey.

Our aim is to be as accessible as possible and to provide avenues of contact and information sharing that work well for you. To accomplish this, we have booths at financial aid conferences across the nation, send personal emails to check in with schools, and of course do the more traditional phone calls and in-person visits. We offer by-request webinars. We also send postcards to schools and share the communications that we send students.  

We want to be helpful, while being mindful of all the information a school has to filter through and what is delivered to their email box on a daily basis. So, how can we best deliver information in a way that is helpful and works for each school?

People like to receive information in all different kinds of ways. I like email, so I can work through information at my own pace. However, I work with people that prefer face to face conversations versus emails or phone calls. Some of my co-workers prefer that I send a text message. There are so many ways to communicate these days. With that in mind, we are working to capture how each school prefers to get information and also make sure it gets to the right person.

Here is a recent comment we received in the survey: “They could contact me by email as to what resources they have available.”

When I read a comment like this, I am concerned that we are not reaching the people in that particular financial aid office that we should be. This is something we work on continually. Maintaining current contact information is an ongoing task.

We send a weekly email of the most important things for a school to know about Nelnet and loan servicing in general. It has useful information like links to the latest news from the Department of Education, a PDF of a tool that a school can use when counseling their students, or upcoming conference information nationwide. It always includes the contacts that are assigned to your school.

We recently redesigned our bulletins so you can choose how often you would like to receive information. We sincerely want to make sure you get the information that meets your needs, and in a way that works best for you.  Please contact your regional director if you prefer to get information in a different fashion. You can always contact me directly if you have any ideas or need help communicating with Nelnet. My email is . We are here to help.

Jim Harris, Managing Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Jim Harris, Managing Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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