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Latest from FSA: Financial Aid Appreciation Poem

October 23, 2013

David Bartnicki, Federal Training Officer, U.S. Department of Education

David Bartnicki, a Federal Training Officer for the U.S. Department of Education, wrote this poem for Financial Aid Appreciation Day and shared it with SASFAA members. We thought we’d keep the appreciation going and share it with you!

Financial Aid Administrators – by David Bartnicki (a FED)

Today was a bad day.

I had to say no.

It’s always tough when the eyes moisten,

The lips quiver, the tone changes,

The threats start flowing.

You’d think by now I could just put it behind me.

 I have helped so many more families

Than those who have perceived harm.

But for tonight at least, I’ll dream a restless dream

With thoughts of, “what ifs” and “what abouts”

Wondering if I missed something, if I did all I could.

For it’s not a fear of making a mistake

Or getting cited in an audit or even paying a liability

That drives my innate hunger for perfection,

But instead, it is my real fear of causing a student to miss an opportunity,

To not realize their full potential.

So I’ll get up in the morning a little more tired,

Put on my shoes, go to work early,

Open doors and shake student hands.

Maybe I’ll get a smile or a thank you,

Maybe even a hug.

Of course I can’t count out a disparaging glare

Or a frustrated whisper or two.

But through it all I won’t stop pushing myself to my limits

Doing all I can –

Coming in early, staying late,

Working weekends and holidays,

Standing up to my administrators to do what’s right,

And of course always studying, studying, studying.

Because in the end, it’s simply who I am.

For I am a Financial Aid Administrator.

Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions
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