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Top Ten Thanksgiving Traditions

November 8, 2013

Everyone gives thanks in their own unique way, but according to a recent article, it’s likely that you incorporate one of these things into your Thanksgiving festivities. Here are the top ten Thanksgiving traditions and how we in Partner Solutions add our own twist:

#1: Turkey Meal

Alan Ishida: Our family always cooks two turkeys so everyone can go home with leftovers.

Dana Kelly: I am charged every year with making the Mac and Cheese and yummy Cranberry Pear Sauce. It’s a time when extended family gathers at Mom’s house, everyone bringing the dish they are know for. After lunch, it’s football! After football, it’s time for leftovers! It’s one of my favorite days of the year. Family, good food, and football is a combination that’s tough to beat!


Kimber Decker: We get together at my father-in-law’s house and he cooks the meal.

Jim Harris: We all are in charge of something to make. I cook and carve the turkey. My wife does the side dishes. My son makes real cranberry sauce (because it only involves adding sugar and water and stirring for a few minutes). My daughter makes a dessert.

#2: Giving Thanks

Jon Potter: I volunteer on Thanksgiving!

Alan Ishida: My mom usually says grace at Thanksgiving. It is an unprepared, long, drawn out process that always gets laughs from the group, my mom included.

#3: Wishbone

#4: Parade

#5: Football

Dana Kelly: Cowboys football is a huge tradition at my house!

Jodi Miller: Every year, my boyfriend’s family has a football game at Thanksgiving. All of the brothers and grandchildren go down the street to the church and have a football game in the church yard. The first year I went with him to Thanksgiving, I was a little nervous. I’m from a very small family, and his family is huge. On the walk back from the game, one of the grandchildren challenged me to a race down the sidewalk. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show the kids how “cool” I am, and I was a fast runner in high school, so why not? Well…this is why not. We took off, and I was determined to pass him (which I did). I ran as fast as I possibly could, to the point of being totally out of control…so out of control that when he lightly tapped my shoulder, I completely wiped out on the sidewalk. I ripped a hole in my jeans, both of my knees were bleeding, and I scraped the skin off of the palms of my hands. Let’s just say, I have never lived down that first Thanksgiving.

Alan Ishida: We have the games on, but we are not usually paying that much attention. The Detroit Lions every year…really? Sorry Anne Watson!

#6: Family Reunions

Kristin Tobias: My mom’s side of the family celebrates Thanksgiving in a church hall because there are too many of us to fit in anyone’s house. With all of my cousins, second cousins, and their families, we usually have around 60 people.

#7: Pumpkin Pie

Kristin Tobias: My aunt makes amazing homemade pies every year, and with such a large group, the most efficient way to serve it is by taking a trolley around to each table. It was one of my favorite traditions as a kid. One year, my cousin and I ran the trolley and charged a quarter for a piece of pie. We got away with it for a while and actually made a little money.

#8: Family Movies

Jim Harris: We always watch Christmas Vacation the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the house for Christmas.

#9: Napping

Alan Ishida: Thanksgiving schedule: eat, nap, eat again.

#10: Preparation for Black Friday

Kimber Decker: We get the newspaper to see what sales are on Black Friday, and my wife and I go out at about 5:30 a.m. to shop. We stay out most of the day shopping and go to a movie.

No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

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