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Life of the Working Mom: Tyler Says…

November 15, 2013
Nelnet Regional Director Kristi Jones and her family

Nelnet Regional Director Kristi Jones and her family

Hello again to the much respected working moms and dads. I hope things are beginning to slow down for you now that both your children at home and students on campus have settled back into school. Although, I know things have definitely changed, and we no longer have a true downtime when it comes to the workload in the Financial Aid office. Here is a quick update since the last article: Tyler is enjoying his time at pre-school and learning every day. He even came home and challenged me on what vertices are, which I had completely forgotten. I was hoping I would know pretty much everything he learned at least through fourth grade. I better start watching re-runs of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader!

Brayden is 18 months and is adorably rotten. I have a feeling he will be the Class Clown in school, and that we may get a few naughty letters sent home from the teacher. He picks on his big brother constantly by throwing things at him and pulling his hair while he is sleeping on the couch, and then giggles when his brother belts out a screeching cry. Of course, when he gets told on, he looks at you with those big blue eyes like “how dare you yell at me mommy.” We are in big trouble with this one!

As the boys get older and begin to interact more, whether it be playing or fighting, I am really enjoying my time with them and have had several moments of both uh-oh and laughter. For today’s article, I am going to share some things that have come out of my four-year-old’s mouth that I probably could have lived without hearing at all. Enjoy!

  1. “You are mean and I don’t like you!”  Already?
  2. “Mommy, Brayden is eating the dog’s food again!”
  3. “Mommy, you are talking too much.”
  4. “This dinner is yucky.”
  5. “Mommy, why is Brayden so bad?”
  6. “Shut up Zoey!” As he yells at the dog.  Mommy and Daddy need to remember that the kids hear everything.
Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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