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Nsight Plus Tip: Supplement Your Default Prevention Efforts with Letter Merge

January 6, 2014

Need: Staffing is limited, your office lacks the time to carry out a full-blown proactive default prevention program, and budget will not allow for your institution to outsource any of these efforts to a third-party provider to perform such activities. At the same time, you are acutely aware of the need to do something that will ultimately lead to reduced delinquencies and subsequent defaults. Although it may not serve as a complete solution, your office is looking for something that is quick, easy, effective, and can supplement activities that the servicing community is performing.

Solution: Did you know that Nsight Plus has letter merge functionality that allows Nelnet school customers to generate letters to students in specific statuses with applicable verbiage? Administrators can drop in specific borrower information and place the letter on their institution’s letterhead for emails or physical mailings. Schools have the ability to identify borrowers in the following statuses:

Deferment Ending – letters for every borrower who is within 60 days of their deferment end date

Forbearance Ending – letters for every borrower who is within 60 days of their forbearance end date

Late Stage Delinquency – letters for any borrower that is between 241 and 360 days delinquent

X-Days Past Due – letters for any borrower that is between 60 and 240 days delinquent

Schools may print entire letter reports or customize printing options by drilling down to specific social security numbers. And, not only is your institution able to do so for any borrower being serviced by Nelnet, you can do so for loans being serviced by EdFinancial, Granite State, OSLA, and VSAC!

Here are the fast and easy steps to accomplishing the above proactive default prevention task:

1. Go to the Tools section of Nsight Plus

2. Click on Letter Merge

3. Click on the letter you would like

4. It will run and open a report in a new browser (this may take a few minutes)

5. In the Navigation Map on the left side, you can expand each servicer tab to see all SSN’s

6. You can click on a specific SSN to view a single letter

7. You can print entire report on your letterhead to mail to your borrowers

8. You can also drill down to a particular SSN under the Navigation Panel on the left side and print a single page

9. Click the printer icon in the grey toolbar above the Navigation Map

10. To save report, go to ‘Document’ in the grey toolbar and a drop-down list allows you to ‘Save As’ in Excel, PDF, or CSV format

Bonus Tip: Do you want to send an e-mail to your borrower instead? To email a single letter to borrower, save the entire report as an Excel document (as in #10) and copy/paste the letter text for that SSN into your borrower e-mail.

Nelnet can appreciate the position many of its customers are in with regard to the need to perform default prevention activities while faced with the challenge of limited resources. We hope that Nsight Plus’ letter merge feature is able to make your office’s job a bit easier. Should you have any questions about the letter functionality or Nsight Plus in general, please do not hesitate to contact Nelnet’s School Service Center by phone at 866.463.5638, by e-mail at, or via your dedicated Regional Director.

Alan Ishida - Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Alan Ishida – Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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