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TPD, LHN, and Other Acronyms…

January 9, 2014

As of July 1, 2013, the regulatory changes tied to the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) process have been the primary topic of conversation. Wow, lots of changes happened and questions started to come up! What does this mean to us as a school and what is a LHN anyway? Well you spoke, and we are here to answer those questions.

Loan Holder Notification (or LHN) file is a new term to the industry and a new way to relay information from the TPD Servicer to the loan holder community. Starting July 1, 2013, any applications received by any loan holder were to be forwarded to Nelnet, the TPD Servicer, for processing. This became a first: only one application per borrower was needed, and the TPD Servicer would communicate to all of the loan holders showing on NSLDS at certain touch points during the application process. This is a borrower-centric approach to making a one-stop shop.

The original LHN file emails coming through were generic with no explanation in the body of what the email or file was, and we received inquiries of what do with it. At the end of September, we came up with a solution to help explain what you were receiving and how to process the file. We added verbiage explaining what we were sending, along with the IFAP announcement explaining formatting and column information. TPD has received positive feedback since the change to the email notifications, but if you have questions or comments, feel free to share them on our website or with your Regional Director.

Amy Goheen
TPD Program Manager, TPD Servicing
Nelnet Education Planning & Financing

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