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School Service Center Spotlight: Jason Harmon

January 16, 2014

jasonName: Jason Harmon

Title: Specialist in the School Service Center


Kristi: How long have you been with Nelnet?

Jason: A long time. I started at Nelnet in April of 1998 – and was in Loan Originations until 2005. In November of 2006, I began working in Document Services. I came to the School Service Center in March of 2008.


Kristi: What did you do prior to working with Nelnet? 

Jason: I was actually working as a supervisor at a full service car wash. I loved it during late spring/summer/fall – working outside in the beautiful Colorado weather. The winter time was another story. BRRRR! That was cold. I do not miss that at all.


Kristi: What is your favorite thing about your job in the School Service Center?

Jason: I love that I do a multitude of different things each day from phone calls and e-mails to research. The change really keeps me on my toes and keeps the brain sharp.


Kristi:  What do you like to do for fun?

Jason: I love playing softball! I usually play two to three nights a week from the beginning of March through the end of October. I used to play tournaments once a month on the weekends, but as I get older and less competitive, I tend not to do those as much. I also love spending time in the mountains. The mountain hikes tend to wear my dog (a husky/whippet mix) out a lot faster than just our normal walks around the neighborhood.


Kristi:  What is the last movie that you watched in the theater?

Jason: Oh wow – I haven’t gone to a movie in a theater in quite some time. I think it was The Avengers. With the prices increasing all the time and the fact that they don’t sell pretzel bites anymore (the best movie snack ever), I tend to not go to movies much.


Kristi: What has been the favorite place you traveled and/or where would you go on your dream trip?

Jason: Favorite place I have ever gone – I would have to say to visit my great-uncle in the backwoods in Arkansas while growing up. In the mid-80’s, he had just gotten an indoor toilet and still had an outhouse on his land. He would go coon hunting with his redbones, even in his 70’s and 80’s. My dream trip – hmmm – that’s a little harder. I would have to say either Hawaii or Alaska.


Kristi: What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges that today’s direct loan borrowers face?

Jason:  I think that a lot of fields are so saturated with graduates that after they get their degrees and go into the job market, they can’t find a job in their field for quite some time. Then when they realize their loans are in repayment, they see the amount and don’t realize that there is assistance out there for them. 


Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Kristi Jones, Southern Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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