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Latest from FSA: Social Media Toolkit

January 24, 2014


College students like myself are constantly on social media sites. Federal Student Aid does a great job of connecting with students using their strong social media presence. Now, as part of the new Financial Aid Toolkit, FSA has made it easy to use their methods and content to reach borrowers on your school’s social media accounts. Guides to using FSA’s Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube channel, infographics, blog, and social media campaigns will help your school build a robust social media presence.

The social media guides found in the Financial Aid Toolkit provide numerous posts that you can copy and post directly onto your own social media platforms. These pre-made posts have important information, include direct links to engage borrowers, and can save you and your office time.

FSA also allows you to embed their informational videos into your school’s website. These videos focus on college and financial aid-related topics, and provide beneficial information for your borrowers. FSA also invites you to share their infographics, which can be used on your website, in printed material, or incorporated into social media posts. All these tools will help your school create an effective presence on social media that will engage your borrowers and help them succeed.

Megan Freese, Communications Intern

Megan Freese, Communications Intern

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